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Captain's Logbook


Ancre 1

The most beautiful logbook for your sailboat.

Take inspiration from the stories of Captain Bonny Berry and tell your best adventures on pages illustrated by magnificent maritime works.


Navigate like large browsers and plan your short and long term outings.


  • Description of your boat

  • Usage and consumption statistics

  • Maintenance, launching and outing

  • Captain's rules

  • Weather forecast

  • Dashboard management

  • Meal planning

  • Meaning of clouds

  • Beaufort scale (Wind force)

  • Sail performance and more…


Using QR codes, quickly consult maritime information with a single click, directly on your smartphone.


  • Tides and currents

  • Water levels

  • Weather and winds

  • Search for boats

  • Anchorage sites

  • Sailing lessons and more…


A real colorful souvenir album that will stay attached to your boat. (162 pages)

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