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Bonny Berry

My mother was a French painter, my father a skipper, navigator.


At the early age of 5, I was introduced to life at sea, attached to a lifeline on a 19-meter Canadian schooner.


The sun... the salt water... the whistling wind on the mast... the waves on the hull of the Black Jack...the cracking of its curb... These were the daily sounds of my life.


In the evening, at sunset, my father would tell me stories about my name's origin, two pirate navigators from the 18th century; Charlotte de Berry, an Englishwoman who organized mutinies against the Royal Navy, and Annie Bonny, an Irishwoman who sailed the Bahamas disguised as a man.


My vocabulary, above all sailor and my adventures at sea were the inspiration for my work.


Adventure-loving seafarers who appreciate beauty and details will appreciate The Captain Bonny Berry LogBook.


Just as digital applications, the Captain Bonny Berry's Logbook is perfect for planning outings. It is also the perfect venue for writing and preserving cherished memories of your best trips.


It will be your ally on board and will make your crew dream.


Fair winds and following seas!


Bonny berry

Black Jack[7620].jpg

Black Jack



Thank you and see you soon...

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