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Grand Voilier

Captain Bonny Berry




Sailboat log book

''The Logbook loved by the Captain but specially designed for the Crew.''

A Real Jewel

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Thank you Bonny Berry

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Joani Hotte-Jean , editor-in-chief

Quebec Yachting

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Are you in search of a fantastic, beautifully illustrated logbook to condense the data relating to your sailboat or motorboat?


You will adore the Captain Bonny Berry's Logbooks! A great way to keep together all the information pertaining to your pride and joy, such as equipment, technical characteristics, details of marine outings (weather, type of sails used, boat expenses), and lots more. It will simplify preparing the end-of-season list of tasks for maintenance, repairs, launching, as well as leaving the water and wintering.


Depending on the version you select, you will learn the story of Captain James Cook; the sinking of the Santa Maria; Charlotte De Berry; Annie Bonny.


Additionally, you will enjoy recording your travels or a day's adventure, checking off the list for dropping the moorings, making inventory of teserves in the caboose, jotting down motorizarion observations, preparing menus for the meek.

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